Our motto is “Make Waves”, which means we believe that each human has the ability to change the world around them. Each choice we make has a ripple effect, even if it's just something as simple as a smile or a positive attitude. We choose to make waves by giving back to children in desperate need of medical attention and love in Guatemala.


There is an impoverished mountain top in Guatemala where an unbelievable amount of children are being born with birth-defects causing them to become malnourished and seen as worthless. The mothers are told that it is because of their mistakes that their babies are born this way and they must be abandoned and left to die. With your purchase, we are able to give to a ministry called "Sharing the Journey International" that goes to this mountain top and performs the surgeries needed to allow these babies to live and function properly. They educate the mothers to know this is not their fault and they pour love on them in the process.
They believe one of the leading causes for the birth defects, specifically cleft lip palates, is because of the terrible unclean water in that area. This ministry brings water purification tanks to the schools in the area so that the children can bring home clean water to their families. With your purchase of any LunaWear product, you are choosing to make waves and help the world around you!